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Fake Cop Pulled Over for Pulling Over Real Cop

USA - Law Enforcement - School Shooting Training Drill
Photo: JIM PATHE/Jim Pathe/Star Ledger/Corbis

An Ohio man, whose hobbies include putting red-and-blue emergency lights on his Chevy Tahoe and pretending to be a police officer, made the mistake of pulling over an off-duty cop from a nearby town on Sunday. The real police officer told the not-very-convincing fake cop — who was wearing civilian clothes — that he was a legitimate enforcer of the law and that the man had unwittingly ended up staging a Darwin Awards–remake of Face/Off. The aspirational officer wisely returned to his car and drove away, before shortly being pulled over himself. Police Chief Hugh Flanigan says that they haven’t figured out why the man, who was charged with impersonating a police officer, thought this was a good idea. “I don’t understand why he had red and blue lights (on his vehicle),” he told the Star Beacon