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Hillary Clinton Spent Debate Night With the Kardashians

If you’re Hillary Clinton, how can you possibly compete with the hysteria surrounding Donald Trump’s first presidential debate? Simple: Seek out the one person who can go toe-to-toe with Trump when it comes to self-promotion and generating media attention.

Shortly after the debate began, Kim Kardashian announced to her 34.2 million Twitter followers that she would be meeting the future president of the United States:

And just after the debate ended, Kim posted her selfie/endorsement, complete with Kanye photobomb (actually, she misspelled president in her first tweet, so she deleted it and posted this):

Kris Jenner was there, too:

There’s too much clothing for this to “break the internet,” but it’s still a pretty smart move from the Clinton team.

Hillary Spent Debate Night With the Kardashians