N.Y. Will Approve Your BADCUOMO License Plate — But Not Your GOVERNOR One

WNYC sifted through more than 130,000 New York State personalized-license-plate applications, and uncovered some important lessons about the mind-set of government employees tasked with distilling drivers down to a series of characters. The radio station’s data team learned that the state is fine with succinct sedition, having approved the license plates BADCUOMO and NOCUOMO, but disapproves of impersonation, having rejected GOVERNOR and UNDRCOVR. There are some trends to avoid if you want a unique plate — at least 18 ZMBIHNTR and 27 Derek Jeter–themed plates have been approved. Those assessing license plates see themselves as preventers of obscenity, but not arbiters of taste; DTRUMP and YOLOSWAG plates were given thumbs-ups. 


N.Y. Will Approve Your BADCUOMO License Plate