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Rand Paul Won’t Have to Give Up His Senate Seat to Run for President

Presidential Candidate Rand Paul
Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Before today, there had been the possibility that rules within the Kentucky Republican Party would have forced Senator Rand Paul to choose whether he wanted to run for reelection in the Senate or run for president, but not both, thus ending one of those campaigns (likely his flailing presidential one). But the Washington Post is reporting that Paul successfully convinced his fellow Republicans to change Kentucky’s GOP presidential primary to the state’s first-ever presidential caucus (which will now happen two months sooner, on March 5). After lobbying by Paul’s campaign, his supporters, and the candidate himself — including a pledge to pay any extra costs associated with the caucus — the rule change was approved this afternoon by the required two-thirds majority in the Kentucky Republican Party’s central committee. Now Paul just needs actual supporters and donors for his presidential candidacy, as he is currently ranked behind several other GOP hopefuls in the polls.

Rand Paul Won’t Have to Give Up His Senate Seat