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Supporter Confirms Authenticity of Trump’s Flaxen Head Wisps

On Thursday afternoon, Donald Trump — high off of his recent tangle with Univision anchor Jorge Ramos — held a rally in South Carolina. At one point, the leading Republican presidential candidate donned glasses and read aloud from a New York Times story in which a Hispanic radio host referred to him as “el hombre del peluquín,” or “the man of the toupee.” As he has done countless times in the past, Trump insisted that his hair is his own. “This is getting crazy,” he shouted as he made things crazier by persuading a supposedly random female supporter onstage to “do an inspection” of the carefully arranged flaxen wisps atop his head.

Is it mine?” Trump asked the woman, who, after a cursory pat, replied, “Yes, I believe it is.” It’s much easier to trust her assessment than it is to imagine a wigmaker designing a product as unappealing as Donald Trump’s hair.

Supporter Confirms Authenticity of Trump’s Hair