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Toaster With $5,600 Inside Returned to Harlem Target

Warm Toast
This is actually an ATM. Photo: Corbis

A woman storing thousands of dollars at Black & Decker Bank lost her money in mysterious circumstances last week. She did not lose the $5,600 hidden in her toaster oven in the most obvious fashion — at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Her husband ended up returning her savings account to the East Harlem Target, unaware that there was enough cash inside to buy 175 toaster ovens. According to DNAinfo, a man claiming to be the woman’s son arrived to retrieve the money. The woman later told the NYPD that she had no idea who this person was, and that he was definitely not her son.

The moral of this story is that you should always check to make sure your kitchen tools are not filled with thousands of dollars before using or returning them — or invest in a toaster-shaped piggy bank. Or maybe just put your money in a bank. 

Toaster With $5,600 Inside Returned to Target