Watch Out for Smelly Bugs Searching for Water Under Your Skin at Burning Man

May I drink you? Please? Photo: Kranemann/ullstein bild via Getty Images

You may have seen the bug rumors on the internet,” a post on the Burning Man blog noted yesterday. “We are here to tell you that they are all true.” People planning for the annual Disneyland for libertarian-ish Silicon Valley types in Nevada have found bugs in bras, under wood, and on carpets. Someone accidentally ate one and reported that it tasted quite nasty; other people reported that the bugs also stink and leave red welts when they bite, giving a whole new meaning to “Burning Man.” Gizmodo talked to a few entomologists, who said that there are probably a few different bugs planning to battle the techie types for control of the desert. One type, seed bugs, go searching for water under people’s skin when weeds dry up — and in a drought-stricken region, weeds are probably hard to find. The seed bugs follow signs of electricity to find prey, and Burning Man happens to be known for trippy light shows. Attendees only have a week to build an app to make the bugs disappear before the festival begins on August 30.

Watch Out for Smelly Bugs at Burning Man