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Chris Christie Was Bored by Parts of Debate Without Chris Christie

Republican Candidates Take Part In Debates At Reagan Library In Simi Valley
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

In the middle of Wednesday night’s Republican primary debate, 32 minutes passed without Chris Christie being asked a single question. CBS This Morning asked the New Jersey governor for his analysis of the debate, since he had to watch it nearly as long as everyone else in the audience. (Christie was also forced to take some mandatory vacation time during the first debate in August.) “That 32 minutes was the most boring 32 minutes of the debate,” he concluded. “So, you know, I think that is probably pretty clear from the ratings.” The debate may have been the most-watched program in CNN history, according to initial reports. The fourth-most-asked question about Christie, who is polling around one percenton Google during the debate was “Is Chris Christie still running for president?” There was a brief, intense spike in Christie interest on Google at the end of the debate, either because viewers really liked his last answer, or because they were so surprised to remember he was onstage. 

Christie Bored by Parts of Debate Without Him