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Young Commuter Isn’t Going to Pay the Subway Fare Twice Like a Sucker

Almost every New York commuter has, at some point, found themselves standing on the wrong subway platform in a station that doesn’t offer underground passage to the other side of the tracks. When faced with this situation, most people resign themselves to trudging upstairs, crossing the street, and handing another $2.75 to the MTA — or, in the case of unlimited MetroCard holders, finding a way to kill 18 minutes and/or pleading with the station agent — in order to catch the train they need. Of course, most people are cowardly suckers — just ask the young man featured in the footage below.

Too many idiots In NYC ... 2.75 was never that serious

Posted by Ismael Williams on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

In the video (uploaded to Facebook and originally posted by DNAinfo), 21-year-old Ismael Williams explains that he “just paid on the train and got on the wrong fucking side of the train.” (His language is NSFW throughout.) Is he going to just stand there and take it? Nope! He’s going to leap onto the track bed, hop over the electrified third rail, and climb onto the correct platform. And he’s going to use his phone to record it.

I don’t give a fuck! I don’t give a shit!” Williams shouts as he makes his (dangerous and inadvisable) journey. Having reached his destination, he demands, “Make that shit go viral, bitch!” We’ll try!

Commuter Isn’t Going to Pay for Subway Twice