The FBI Managed to Recover Hillary Clinton’s Personal Emails

Secretary Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire
Hillary Clinton. Photo: Melina Mara/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Hillary Clinton will surely be relieved to learn that the FBI has recovered the 60,000 emails she carelessly deleted after her staff identified and printed out the messages they deemed work-related, then sent them to the State Department. While Clinton’s team initially argued that there was no reason to hand over her private server since there was no longer anything on it, a source tells Bloomberg Politics that FBI investigators have already retrieved the files, and are now doing their own sorting for messages related to her work as secretary of state. The FBI is still investigating, and Clinton’s personal emails may be protected by public-information laws, but this raises the possibility that someday the public will be able to learn all about her yoga schedules and Chelsea’s wedding-planning process.

The FBI Recovered Hillary’s Personal Emails