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Hillary Clinton on Emails, Take 3: ‘I’m Sorry’

Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton Attends Meetings With Legislators On Capitol Hill
Photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images

After saying she was “sorry that [the email controversy] has been confusing to people” — and then adding that she wasn’t going to apologize for using a private server because it “was allowed” — Hillary Clinton officially said “sorry.” In fact, she made the triple axel of apologies, tying up all loose ends regarding the private email server in the hopes that no one will ask her another question about this again (or at least until she has to go talk to the Benghazi Committee next month). “That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility,” she told ABC News on Tuesday.

Clinton did not say if she was sorry that she had not made the evolution from “it clearly wasn’t the best choice” to “sorry, not sorry” to “sorry” quicker, which would have stopped the never-ending game of interview ping-pong far sooner, or if she was sorry she hadn’t split the trilogy of interviews involving her remorse or lack thereof in the past week into four interviews with an original Taylor Swift song — which would have gotten her even more press (although perhaps not the kind she’s looking for).