Man Accused of Killing Hedge-Fund-Founder Dad Deemed ‘Mentally Unfit’ to Stand Trial

Thomas Gilbert Jr.
Photo: Jefferson Siegel/NY Daily News via Getty Images

The Princeton grad who allegedly murdered his millionaire hedge-fund-founder dad last January was found “mentally unfit” to stand trial by two court-appointed psychiatrists. Thomas Gilbert Jr., who is charged with fatally shooting his father, Thomas Gilbert Sr., underwent a mental-health evaluation last month at the request of his attorney. The court also recommended Gilbert, who is currently being held at Rikers, be moved to a facility for treatment, says the Post. The Manhattan district attorney’s office has a week to decide if it will challenge the psychiatrists’ conclusion.

On January 4, Gilbert, 30, allegedly entered his parents’ home and shot his father. Gilbert Sr. had reportedly cut back the monthly stipend he was giving his son — something they allegedly argued about before the murder.

Gilbert was denied bail and was held in a special mental-observation unit at Rikers, where he was on suicide watch when he first arrived. Gilbert was eventually rehoused with the general inmate population after the unit was dissolved, reports the Daily News, where he apparently got into fights with inmates over food and wondered where he could find a decent yoga class at the jail. 

Man Accused of Killing Hedge-Fund Dad ‘Unfit’