Kansas State University Marching Band Accidentally Performs Sex Scene

Saturday night at the season opener for Kansas State University’s Wildcats football team, a Star Trek– and Star Wars–themed halftime show went awry when the K-State marching band attempted to form and animate the Starship Enterprise destroying a jayhawk (the mascot of K-State’s rivals, the University of Kansas Jayhawks). However, many didn’t recognize the somewhat misshapen Enterprise, and thus the scene resembled one of giant-bird fellatio rather than Star Trek rival-ribbing:

Viewers quickly took to social media to make note of the phallic marching mishap:

After a public apology, K-State’s band director was ultimately forced to respond and explain how, no, they weren’t trying to show a rival jayhawk fellating anything, it was supposed to be a sci-fi battle, and he provided the drill routine blueprint to prove it:

"The chart below represents the drill from tonight’s show. There was absolutely no intent to display anything other...

Posted by K-State Marching Band on Saturday, September 5, 2015
Marching Band Accidentally Performs Sex Scene