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N.J. Man Calls in a Bomb Threat to Get Out of Court Date Because He ‘Had Things to Do’

The suspect. Photo: Mercer County Sheriff’s Department

Some days it’s pretty tough to get through everything on your to-do list — work, errands, and, perhaps occasionally, court appearances. Such was the struggle of one New Jersey man who last week called 911 with a fake bomb threat against the Mercer County criminal courthouse because he “had things to do,” say police. Thirty-six-year-old Jermaine McCain didn’t specify what took priority over his court date — or why he had to go to court in the first place — but when authorities tracked him down, McCain tried to flee, which led to a high-speed chase. That ended when McCain crashed his car. He is now charged with making a false public alarm and calling in a fake emergency, and he faces additional counts for trying to evade the cops. All this can’t be helping his productivity. 

NJ Man Too Busy for Court, Calls in Bomb Threat