oh rats

Pizza Rat Is No Hero

DNAinfo has directed our attention to a recently uploaded YouTube video of a rat hauling an entire slice of pizza down a subway-station staircase. In GIF form, the footage is as impressive as it is repulsive: Though the slice is almost twice the rat’s size, he manages to drag it across at least four steps.

He appears poised to complete the descent and return to his squalid rat hole with his unnecessarily large prize — an inspiring demonstration of the grit and determination one needs to make it in New York City.

But if you take 14 seconds to watch the entire video, you’ll find that the rat abandons the pizza on the third-to-last stair. After a long, mournful look, he scampers away.

What exactly made him give up? We’ll probably never know, and it doesn’t matter: The rat is just another guy who — upon realizing the enormity of the task in which he was engaged — quit, leaving behind a potential lifetime of untold wealth, fame, and influence. Don’t follow his example.