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Author Lemony Snicket Will Give $1 Million to Planned Parenthood

2014 National Book Awards
Photo: Robin Marchant/Getty Images

On the eve of Tuesday’s hearings, the author of A Series of Unfortunate Events and his wife promised to donate $1 million to Planned Parenthood, BuzzFeed News reported.

Daniel Handler, better known by his pen name Lemony Snicket (and for that unfortunate joke he made a year ago), and his wife and illustrator Lisa Brown have been longtime supporters of the women’s-health organization. Brown revealed in a statement that she thinks Planned Parenthood “has gone through a series of unfortunate events” this year, and she and Handler wanted to make their support clear — with a colossal contribution. But then again, as the Cut’s Rebecca Traister wrote today, Republican objections aside, Americans love Planned Parenthood.

The organization seems excited — almost as excited as several Twitter book nerds.

What a grandiose gift.

Planned Parenthood’s Fortunate Event