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Group Sex Led to a Yale Stabbing, Suicide

In May, it was reported that Tyler Carlisle jumped to his death out of a window after stabbing classmate Alexander Michaud in the neck. 

The two students were prominent campus conservatives, both members of Yale’s Party of the Right.

Carlisle, a recent grad, formerly worked as a “technical consultant” on Rick Santorum’s 2012 presidential campaign.

He wrote about “hitting bottom” on his Tumblr years before the incident.

Michaud wrote for the Yale Free Press, penning fiery missives about the “humorless left.” 

At the time of the assault, no one could explain what had motivated Carlisle’s actions or his subsequent six-story suicide leap.

Turns out the two shared more than just beliefs — they shared women

A mysterious stabbing was motivated by nothing more than Carlisle’s jealousy during a drunken threesome. 

Michaud and the girl remain at Yale; he avoided Carlisle’s funeral — not out of spite, but to avoid making the day controversial

Group Sex Led to a Yale Stabbing, Suicide