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Summer May Be Over, But the Oppressive Heat Isn’t

New Yorkers Flock To The Beach On Labor Day Ocean Coney Island
Photo: Stephanie Keith/Getty Images

Labor Day may have taken summer away, but it left a little parting gift: a heat wave! As you likely noticed while doing your holiday barbecuing or swimming or sobbing, it was very hot and muggy in and around New York on Monday. The situation will worsen today, with a high of 94 degrees and humidity that will make your pile of post-long-weekend tasks feel that much more oppressive. Wednesday should be a little better: The temperature is expected to top out at around 90 degrees. Relief will arrive in the form of a Thursday rainstorm, cooling the city down just in time for the beginning of Fashion Week. While we wait for that, drink some extra water and visualize weather crisp enough to warrant a chunky sweater — it’ll be a reality soon enough.

Summer Is Over, But the Oppressive Heat Isn’t