311 Will Be Your Ghost Hotline This Halloween — Not That You’ll Need It

Photo: Columbia Pictures

The noises coming from upstairs this weekend might very well be the work of ghosts. But it’s probably just your neighbors’ Halloween party.

The city’s 311 complaint line only had two ghost reports in the past three years, according to some sleuthing from DNAinfo, and in both cases, residents said noisy neighbors were blaming their loudness on the supernatural.

A Staten Island woman called 311 in April, reporting that her neighbors were shouting and dropping large objects on the floor above. She added that after asking the neighbor to stop, she was told the sounds were made by ghosts.

NYPD “determined that police action was not necessary,” DNAinfo reports.

An earlier call was made in 2012 by a woman in Harlem who explained that her husband, the building’s super, had gone up to scold upstairs residents for loud talking and banging.

They stated that it was ghosts banging and pounding,” the complaint said. The pounding resumed immediately. But the super didn’t buy it: “There are no ghosts,” he said.

Maybe he’s right — New York probably isn’t the ideal environment for ghosts. There aren’t a lot of bogs or desolate, foggy moors. Or perhaps New York is spooky enough without ghosts. After all, there’s nothing scarier than a rat fighting a pigeon in broad daylight.

311 Will Be Your Ghost Hotline This Halloween