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Ann Romney Crushes Lingering ‘Mitt 2016’ Hopes

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The first lady (of your fantasy poliitics league). Photo: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Though Mitt Romney ended his third presidential run way back in January, some are still hoping that he’ll swoop in at the last minute to rescue the GOP from Donald Trump, like a bland, generically handsome President Charming. “Donald Trump will not be the nominee,” Romney declared last week. “Ultimately our nominee will come from the mainstream conservative bracket. I don’t know who that will be.” Now his wife has clarified that he wasn’t talking about himself.

We thought about it for 20 seconds, put our toe in and then quickly withdrew,” Ann Romney said of his brief third campaign on Monday. “It was really — it just didn’t feel right.” Speaking to Politico, she also denied reports that Romney was pushed out of the race by Jeb Bush supporters who felt there was only room for one well-funded establishment candidate. “It’s just not true. I mean, if anything, that would’ve made us fight harder. That’s just not true. We together just came to the conclusion that it just wasn’t — the timing wasn’t right,” she said.

Okay, but now that a reality-show character is leading in the polls, isn’t Romney having second thoughts about dropping out so soon? Doesn’t he want to find out if the fourth time’s the charm?! “We made the right decision,” Ann said. Fine, we’ll put them down as a “maybe.”

Ann Romney Crushes Lingering ‘Mitt 2016’ Hopes