Biden Will Maybe Decide Whether to Run for President Soon

Joe Biden, Hillary Rodham Clinton
Photo: Cliff Owen/AP/corbis

As Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (and some other folks) battle for the Democratic presidential nomination, Joe Biden is still out there, pondering whether to run. The situation could change soon, according to a Monday Politico report citing a number of Biden “confidantes” who “expect him to make a decision next weekend, or shortly thereafter.” 

Medium-length story short: These people are divided on the likelihood of a 2016 Biden campaign. “Several” of the sources say the vice-president “seems to be leaning ‘yes,’” while at least three basically don’t think it’s going to happen. Of course, they “almost universally added that they remain unsure which way he’ll go.” “He could talk to someone on a rope line tomorrow, and decide to do it,” one said. “His emotional state just increases his unpredictability.” 

But back to the timing aspect! The Politico piece echoes a Saturday CBS News report in which “three people familiar with [the vice-president’s] deliberations” said an announcement “could come as early as within the next seven to 10 days.” Regardless of what Biden decides, he probably won’t be participating in CNN’s October 13 debate — but at least the endless speculation might stop.

Biden Will Maybe Decide Whether to Run Soon