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Bandits Cart Off Almost 200 Pounds of Ice Cream From Tribeca Duane Reade in Broad Daylight

Photo: Alan Becker

Sticky-fingered thieves with a collectively compulsive sweet tooth swooped into a Tribeca Duane Reade on Monday and stole 197 pounds of ice cream, worth $1,300. The bandits, who entered the store around 5 p.m., loaded backpacks up with 226 pints of Haagen Dazs and 16 tubs of Delish, Walgreen’s off-brand ice cream, the Daily News reports

It has yet to be ascertained what flavors were targeted by the thieves as store managers refused to comment, although Delish offers a popular Moose Tracks flavor that was likely hauled off in the heist.

Workers at the drug store claimed to have not noticed anything amiss, and it was not until the next morning  that staff realized their freezers had been raided. Which means that this was practically an Oceans 11–worthy raid in its unlikely deftness. If Oceans 11 were made up of, you know, actual 11-years-olds. No further leads have been reported by the NYPD

But hopefully they got it home before it melted.

Brazen 232-Pint Ice Cream Heist in Tribeca!