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California Congressman Forced to Despairingly Sing ‘Meet the Mets’ on House Floor

On Friday morning, representative and Los Angeles Dodgers fan Adam Schiff entered the House chambers wearing a Mets tie. 

He and New York representative Steve Israel had made a bet about baseball playoffs earlier this month — if the Dodgers won, Israel would have to wear a Dodgers tie and give his colleague bagels. If the Mets won, Schiff would have to give Israel gourmet popcorn and also have to make an undesirable sartorial choice. 

I hope that Adam will also consider sending a broom so that I can sweep his fancy L.A. popcorn off my floor in the same way my beloved Mets will sweep the Dodgers,” Israel said when the bet was made. “Let’s face it, once his team left New York, it was all downhill from there.”

The loser would also have to give a speech on the House floor about how wonderful it was that the team they hated had won the National League Championship Series.

Which is why Schiff approached the front of the House chambers on Friday looking like someone had just told him he would have to relive the nearly 11-hour-long Benghazi hearing. He sang “Meet the Mets,” ending his rendition by begging, “Please, Mr. Speaker, let my time be expired.”

The California congressman can take comfort in the fact that he sang it so badly and so much like a dirge that no Mets fan will ever ask him to sing it again.

C.A. Congressman Forced to Sing ‘Meet the Mets’