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Ben Carson Is Literally ‘Outside the Box’ in New TV Commercial

Carson with this year’s empty chair.

In a TV ad set to start airing in the coming weeks, Ben Carson emphasizes that when it comes to Washington, he has some unconventional ideas, even if his marketing team does not. In the spot (available here), the retired pediatric neurosurgeon mentions twice that he’s considered “outside the box,” and hammers the point home by standing next to a cardboard box as it’s filled with the ideas that it’s “impossible to balance the budget, impossible to get border security, impossible to put aside partisanship.” “There must be a good idea in there somewhere!” Carson exclaims, while peering into the box. We recommend to “stop comparing things to Hitler and the Holocaust.” That one’s been in there for a while, so he might have to do some digging.

Carson Is Literally ‘Outside the Box’ in TV Ad