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Cops Investigate Tractor-Trailer That Smells Suspiciously Like Pot in Queens, Find 3,000 Pounds of Marijuana

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Photo: Jeff Chiu/Corbis

Around 1:25 a.m. on Monday morning, New York Drug Enforcement Task Force officers saw six men unloading an 18-wheeler in Elmhurst, Queens,  unpacking the cardboard boxes that were stacked six feet high inside, and moving them into a U-Haul and a van nearby. The officers were curious, and walked closer, noticing that the closer they got to the truck, the more it smelled like someone had overzealously sprayed the perimeter with marijuana-scented Febreeze. The six men — from California, Canada, and Brooklyn — were arrested, and could each face up to five and a half years in prison for criminal possession of more than 3,000 pounds of pot. The trucks contained about $3.5 million-worth of marijuana in vacuum-packed bags, according to officials — as well as about $200,000 in cash. “The seizure and arrests surprised us just as much as it surprised the defendants when arrested,” DEA Special Agent in Charge James Hunt said, according to ABC7

Cops Find Tractor-Trailer With 3,000 Lbs. of Pot