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Deer Gets in Halloween Spirit by Making a Jack-o’-lantern on Its Face

It’s the latest hot millennial deer trend. Photo: Hays Country Sheriff’s Office

A deer in Texas seemed somewhat confused about how to make a jack-o’-lantern this Thursday; instead of making a face on a pumpkin, it seemed to think you were supposed to put a face in it. 

This mix-up left a strange sight for deputies at that Hays County Sheriff’s Department. 

It was a deer with a pumpkin stuck on its head,” one of them clarified for a local newspaper. “I don’t think it could really see.”

The authorities were unable to get too close to the deer — which managed to expertly avoid the humans despite the fact that it had a pumpkin on its head — but the animal went in the woods and managed to coax some trees into helping it unmount the squash. 

So, if you waited too long to buy a sexy pizza rat costume, give a big hip-hip-hooray to pumpkin deer for inventing the simplest on-trend costume of all time. 

Deer Makes a Jack-o’-lantern on Its Face