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Person Confidently Notes That Clinton Debate Performance Was ‘Mediocre, at Best’ Hours Before It Actually Happened

Jimmy Kimmel sent his Lie Witness News team into the field to see what Americans thought about Hillary Clinton’s debate performance hours before the event ever happened. It turned out people thought that she was “mediocre, at best” — those who waited until the debate was over to form opinions on Clinton thought she was a bit more impressive — and seemed to be making things up as she went along, very much like these people so determined to be on TV that they would manufacture less-than-interesting opinions about a primary source that did not yet exist to cite. (On the other hand, this skill set would probably make them passable cable-news commentators.)

One woman said she would never lie about politics, adding that many politicians keep digging deeper into a lie instead of just fessing up about something. “I think we can stop doing this now,” Kimmel said after the woman finished her eloquent debate against her unconscious.

Kimmel Gets Reactions to Debate Yet to Happen