Unidentified Man Drops Off His Ebola ‘Cure’ at Random Office Building in Connecticut

Red vials on white background, close up
Photo: Hermann Mock/Westend61/Corbis

On Tuesday morning, an unidentified man dropped off a package at International Communications in Danbury, Connecticut. He had an important medical discovery to share, and this business happened to look somewhat like a medical facility. Since the company doesn’t do anything with medicine, its employees weren’t quite sure what to do with the vial labeled “Ebola” left behind by the random person who stopped by their office, claiming to have found a cure for the deadly disease. So they called the Fire Department, which called the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, which called the FBI. Health officials think the contents of the vial, which are still unknown, probably won’t harm anyone, but the office building that had the unfortunate lot of looking as exceedingly banal as a pharmaceutical company was briefly closed to the public.

Although many of the specifics of this case remain unknown, it seems likely that this random man and his weird vial probably won’t be winning a Nobel Prize any time soon.


Man Drops Off Ebola ‘Cure’ at Random Building