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Man Hands Cops ‘Cooler of Drugs’ and Enters Rehab After Hearing Obama’s Speech About Addiction

President Obama Hosts Panel On Criminal Justice Reform
Photo: Mark Wilson/2015 Getty Images

Last Wednesday, President Obama visited Charleston, West Virginia, to visit with those working to combat the area’s opioid epidemic and speak about the devastating effects of drug addiction. Later that day, according to the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Office, a local man called 911 asking for unspecified “help.” When officers arrived at the caller’s home, he “admitted he was a heavy drug user,” but said that hearing Obama’s speech had inspired him to “live a drug-free life for his mother.” After he turned over a “cooler of drugs” that included “digital scales, sixteen suboxone packs and patches, marijuana, nineteen grams of ecstasy, and 158 pain pills,” the man was taken to a rehab facility where he is now undergoing treatment. The cops said that no charges will be filed against the guy, whom they “applauded” for trying to do the best thing for himself, his mom, and Obama. 

Man Enters Rehab After Hearing Obama Speech