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Man Found Dead After Being Locked in Bronx Hospital Bathroom for Days

Montefiore Medical Center Photo: The All Nite Images/Flickr

Anthony Iuso’s family last spoke to him on Thursday. Five days later, the 44-year-old was found dead in a locked bathroom at Montefiore Medical Center, where he worked. 

His family filed a missing person’s report on Saturday, a day after they called the hospital. On Monday, they went to the hospital and asked, forcefully, for a search to be conducted. “He would have been in there for another month if we didn’t go there and scream at them,” Iuso’s father told the New York Post. “They didn’t try to contact anybody. They just didn’t care.”

On Thursday afternoon, Iuso, who cleaned the operating room on the third floor of the hospital, was treated for a finger injury at Montefiore’s ER. The NYPD and the hospital are currently investigating why Iuso was left in the bathroom for days without being found, and an autopsy will be conducted. The family is frustrated by the lack of information; his father told NBC New York that the answers they’ve received have been “suspicious” and “odd.” “It doesn’t make any sense why professionals would be asking this way,” he said.

Police officials told the Post that Iuso “died of natural causes.”

Man Found Dead in Locked Bronx Hospital Bathroom