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Missing Cargo Ship Sank in Hurricane, One Body Recovered

Family and union and company officials wait outside the Seafarer’s International Union hall. Photo: Jason Dearen/AP Photo

The Coast Guard believes that the cargo ship El Faro, which has been missing since Hurricane Joaquin struck the Caribbean, sank in the storm. The ship had a crew of 33, and 28 Americans were aboard. The five other members of the crew were from Poland. One body has reportedly been recovered, and debris has been found at the ship’s last known location near the Bahamas, including life jackets and an oil slick. The Coast Guard is still searching for survivors and life boats, and the crew’s family members have been congregating in Jacksonville, Florida, where the ship left from last week. One mother received a message from her daughter, who was on El Faro, on Thursday morning, according to the Washington Post. “Not sure if you’ve been following the weather at all, but there is a hurricane out here and we are heading straight into it.” She hasn’t heard from her since. Another parent told the AP“I’m just praying to God they find the ship and bring my daughter and everyone on it home.”

Missing Cargo Ship Sank in Hurricane