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Here We Go Again: Now There’s a Pizza Raccoon

Pizza is the best. Humans are basically addicted to it, so why should we be so surprised that other mammals also want to indulge? And with that, we officially induct pizza raccoon into the club of scavenging creatures that occasionally crave a slice, especially when it’s free. Nobody says “no” to free pizza, after all. 

Some friends walking through Central Park this week spotted pizza raccoon grabbing the piece of pizza from a trash can. No dollar slices for this guy — he does live uptown and probably doesn’t ride the subway — so he was delighting in a plain Sicilian slice instead.

Pizza raccoon took his pizza up to a tree where he could dine in relative peace. He was not far enough away from the prying lens of camera phones.

Next up, pizza cockroach. This is never going to end. 

Now There’s a Pizza Raccoon