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President Obama Goes Grumpy Cat on Republicans

Wondering why Republicans are “so down on America” at an event on Friday, President Obama compared the GOP to the internet’s most ubiquitous sad face, the one and only Grumpy Cat — whom the president then mimicked. “Everything is terrible, according to them,” Obama added:

Speaking to supporters at the DNC Women’s Leadership Forum, Obama’s Grumpy Cat impression was part of a series of criticisms aimed at the Republican Party’s public positions, and the president also insisted he was proud of the current Democratic candidates for president and how their first debate showed they had optimism about America’s future and provided a stark contrast with their GOP counterparts. “You’ve gotta feel bad for the fact-checkers for the Republicans,” Obama noted, “’cause they’ve got to spend hours trying to keep up with some of the crazy stuff that their candidates are claiming.”

Grumpy Cat, likely pleased to be in the news again, was quick to respond to Obama’s comparison:

For their part, the GOP issued this tweet on Saturday morning:

Obama Goes Grumpy Cat on Republicans