Raccoons Are Gentrifying One Brooklyn Neighborhood

Some new neighbors moved into Carroll Gardens and the people who live there are pretty fed up. According to CBS 2, the new transplants are actually raccoons, whose increased numbers — the estimate is about 30 — are worrying many residents. The raccoons are doing things like sneaking into backyards and brazenly eating the fish from koi ponds or taking dips in other people’s swimming pools, which is way less cute than when bears do it. “They live here, that’s nature,” one resident said. “However, it just made it really difficult for us to stay in our backyard.” 

Of course, people are also worried about disease, and the possibility that the raccoons could attack. Residents blame nearby construction projects, led by humans, for forcing the critters to relocate to Carroll Gardens. The city’s Department of Health will inspect the neighborhood to see what, if anything, can be done about the raccoon scourge. 

Raccoons Terrorizing Brooklyn Neighborhood