urban vermin

Rat vs. Pigeon

A video surfaced on Tuesday afternoon of a rat taking down a pigeon in an epic street fight in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, causing us to wonder: Has all the attention for Pizza Rat caused other rats to become copycat rats in a pathetic, and increasingly violent, search for internet fame?

New York rats have been out of control since day one, taking over street corners and even entire buildings, and forcing various New York mayors to appoint “rat czars” or declare all-out war against the critters. Herewith, a selection of delightful wildlife videos, also involving rats:

Burrito Rat

You’ve watched pizza rat fail tragically while carrying his dollar slice down the steps of the L train. But have you seen burrito rat make a successful break for home with his foil-wrapped dinner? His triumph will melt your heart.

Dunkin’ Donuts Rat

Then there’s this hungry rat, who just really wanted a croissant. He’s tired of big government telling him where to be — to hell with your health codes!

Mass-Transit Rat

People were scared out of their minds when this lil fella boarded the A train at Fulton Street. But he wasn’t asking for money – he just had somewhere to be!

Human-Climbing Rat

Fall asleep on the train? You’re basically asking for a rat to crawl into your mouth. New York ratties love adventure.

Graceful Gangster Rat

One lucky New Yorker caught Riff and Bernardo duking it out in a cold, Chinatown subway station last winter. But if you watch closely, it’s almost like they’re dancing.

Deeply Offended Rat

Take heed, New Yorkers. Local rats may seem unperturbed when you film them from afar. But they can always smell your fear.