Donald Trump Has at Least One Very Enthusiastic Hispanic Supporter

Donald Trump’s problems with the United States’ Latino community are pretty well-documented, at this point. So, here’s something completely different: During a Thursday rally in Las Vegas, Trump pulled a shrieking (with joy!) woman onstage and asked her to tell the folks where she was from. “I’m from Colombia!” she announced, bouncing up and down and clutching a copy of People featuring the Trump family.

And is this a setup? Did I ever meet you before?” Trump demanded (sort of like he did with that lady he forced to touch his hair in August). Without actually answering that question, the woman cried, “I’m Hispanic and I’m voting for Mr. Trump! We vote for Mr. Trump! We love you all the way to the White House!”

This was followed by a lot more yelling and jumping on the part of Trump’s supporter, whom the GOP front-runner referred to as “beautiful” and “hon” while repeatedly insisting that they’d never met before. “Great,” he concluded after she left the stage. “But that’s my relationship with Hispanics.” And what a profoundly uncomfortable relationship it is.

Trump Has at Least One Hispanic Supporter