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‘Very Drunk’ California Man Defaces Historic Rocks

Photo: U.S. Forest Service

A California man faces up to ten years in prison for drunkenly defacing an indigenous rock carving in Bakersfield.

The 58-year-old vandal, Christopher Harp, claims he was “very drunk” and mad at a co-worker when he violated a prehistoric carving of a bighorn sheep with a can of black spray paint and the phrase “blow jobs 24-7.” He added his employer’s phone number below the phrase and drew a number of crude designs on other petroglyphs. Located in Sequoia National Forest, the rocks were carved by local Tübatulabal people. It will cost at least $1,000 to remove the graffiti from the petroglyphs. 

Harp, who is pleading not guilty, claims he didn’t know the rocks were of archaeological importance because it was dark. He explained that instead of following his instinct to beat up his co-worker — again — he decided to just spray-paint some rocks, according to the affidavit.

‘Very Drunk’ Man Defaces Historic Rocks