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This Week’s Facebook Fight Features an Activist and a Local Fox Correspondent Arguing About Race

There are some people who think a police officer throwing a female student to the ground, as in that horrifying viral video from South Carolina, is perfectly justifiable! Like some people you are probably Facebook friends with, and like Houston political consultant Angela Box, who argues that the cop in question shouldn’t have been fired. In a “face-off” on Fox’s Houston affiliate with community activist Quanell X, Box starts yelling about how the officer “lost his job for doing his job” and the student was “no innocent little lamb.” Quanell yells right back. 

The video has hit the top of Reddit’s r/videos section, which means you will see it shared on Facebook several times over the next few days — both by people who agree with Box and by everyone who identifies with X’s anger. There isn’t even a hint of actual dialogue between the combatants, but the clip is the perfect political storm. (Interestingly, Box sued X for defamation earlier this year. Guess they’ve patched things up!)

Activist Blows Up at Pundit on Local Fox Show