Ben Carson May Need to Brush Up on the Shapes and Locations of U.S. States

Ben Carson’s America

Earlier this week, Ben Carson had his foreign-policy acumen publicly questioned by several of his own advisers. The amateur Egyptologist turned GOP presidential front-runner pushed back on those critiques, dismissing one of his renegade advisers as a senile old man with little knowledge of his campaign.

But on Tuesday night, Carson shared an image on his official Facebook and Twitter pages that did little to assuage concerns about his understanding of distant lands. While the retired neurosurgeon’s graphics team displayed a strong grasp of the shape and location of Carson’s home state of Maryland, they appeared to be sorely lacking in expertise on the New England region.

With the map, the Carson campaign intended to signal its support for the growing list of governors who have come out against the resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states. Instead, the campaign signaled its support for moving Connecticut many miles north and incorporating it into Vermont, with the apparent goal of drastically expanding the former state’s coastline. It’s an unusual proposal, but then, we live in unusual times.

Ben Carson May Need a Domestic-Geography Adviser