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Canada Is Losing Its Mind Over This Goat on a Train

This morning, a goat named Turbo made Canadian history when he became the first of his species to ride Ontario public transportation. Turbo is on his way to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto and his media tour is going very well.

Yesterday, Turbo got ready for his big day.


Turbo showed up at the GO station in Port Credit shortly before seven this morning, ready for his journey to the big city.

The press is going nuts for this dang goat. It’s a goat on the train. That’s crazy! Normally, humans ride the train, but this time, it was goat. I love Turbo.

Everyone was very chill about the goat on the train. “A goat! Didn’t expect to see a goat on the train but there it is. What a world!” That’s what I think everyone on the train with Turbo said.

Finally, Turbo arrived at Toronto’s Union Station. The crowd went nuts. The paparazzi loved him.

Later, Turbo made his way to the Fairmont Royal York hotel.

But there was no time to stop! Turbo had an important meeting with the politicians and bigwigs at City Hall. He even met with Toronto City Councillor Norm Kelly, who banned Meek Mill from Toronto and whom teens adore.

Then Turbo went on TV!

Turbo then rode a Toronto streetcar for the first time.

Turbo has just arrived at the Royal Winter Fair!!! Phenomenal. Best of luck to you, Turbo.

Turbo just got a ticket for public urination. C’mon, Turbo … the eyes of the world are upon you.

This is Canadian history in the making. We will keep you updated on Turbo’s amazing journey.

Canada Is Losing Its Mind Over This Goat