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These Deer Really Just Want to Get Inside Before Winter

Oh deer. Photo: Albemarle County Public Schools

A deer was rescued in Manchester, New Jersey, on Wednesday after the adventurous animal jumped a fence and landed in someone’s swimming pool. The incident was over quickly, and the deer escaped unharmed. 

The incident was just the latest case in a multistate breaking-and-entering spree perpetrated by a cell of devious and very lost deer. No motive has been determined in any of these incidents, although it seems possible that the animals just wanted to sneak inside undetected before it gets too cold outside — or they’ve been watching too much of The Leftovers.

The Deer Who Took a Dip
Except for this deer, who jumped in a pool that was probably super cold. We have no idea what they were thinking.

Fast and Four-Legged
Another case of unlawful entry occurred on Wednesday when a 13-point buck strolled into a Grand Rapids auto-body shop. The buck must not have needed a tune-up because he just ran around frantically for a few minutes before the local Department of Natural Resources tranquilized him and sent him back into the wild.

Bambi on Ice
In yet another incident on Wednesday, a young buck broke into a Virginia middle school, only to discover they had just waxed the floors. He struggled for a few painful minutes before a staff member firmly escorted him out.

Moscow Deer Mule
This fella entered Juniors Bar in River Falls, Wisconsin, through a broken window and, after taking what was likely a drink break behind the bar for a few minutes, jumped back out.

Injured Deer Walks Into Emergency Room
At the end of October, a deer walking through Rochester was struck by a car. It then walked over to the Strong Memorial Hospital, went through the automatic door, and headed toward the emergency room. A staffer quickly stopped the patient and stuck it on a gurney. Unfortunately, it had to be euthanized. 

Bouncy Houses and Horns Don’t Mix
A six-pointer wandered into a popular hangout for kids in Tennessee. Luckily, the many bouncy houses inside were not inflated, but it still left behind a big mess. Employees spent hours cleaning the rugs and inflatables, which were covered in blood — and would have made for the worst birthday party ever. Workers were used to gross cleanup efforts, though. “Sanitation doesn’t usually come from an animal, or wildlife, it’s usually just the little kids.”

Shopping Trip in Staten Island
Last month, a two-point buck decided to go to war against a T.J. Maxx in Staten Island. The deer ran inside and quickly rendered a bunch of merchandise unusable by getting it all bloody. There are reportedly about 1,000 deer in the borough. 

Deer Just Want to Get Inside Before Winter