Drunk British Airways Passenger Attempted to Open Exit Door During Mid-Atlantic Flight

Photo: Assalve/Getty Images

Somewhere at cruising altitude, in the more than 3,000 miles between London and Boston, a passenger aboard British Airways Flight 213 attempted to open the plane’s exit door.

According to British Airways, the crew quickly intercepted and restrained the 30-year-old woman, who was reportedly intoxicated enough to think she could hop off the transcontinental flight. The flight landed at Boston’s Logan International Airport without further incident roughly a half-hour ahead of schedule. Massachusetts State Police were on hand to detain the passenger, who will at least face charges of interfering with a flight crew. Further charges are being considered.  

In a short statement, and with what we assume to be a stiff upper lip, British Airways described the woman simply as “unruly.” 

Drunk Passenger Attempts to Open Exit Door