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Fans Make Fallout 4’s Avatars As Ugly As Possible

The just-released Fallout 4 is the latest open-world video game to take the gaming community by storm. And with the option to choose any path you wish through the game’s narrative also comes a kind of fandom where players explore odd corners of the game’s sandbox. Like, say, making extremely ugly avatars. These examples, collected by Kotaku, are unfortunate even for the game’s irradiated, post-apocalyptic hellscape. 

Making a particularly ugly avatar seems like the natural outgrowth of torturing Sims or creating intentional death rides in Roller Coaster Tycoon. You’ve created this terrifying digital artifact, but now is it doomed to live out its eternal existence as a virtual Frankenstein?

Fans Make Fallout 4 As Ugly Ss Possible