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College Football Fans Suggest Alabama ‘Finish What Katrina Started’ Against LSU

While most people tend to remember Hurricane Katrina as a deadly and horrifying tragedy, yesterday some University of Alabama college football fans argued, via a spray-painted bed sheet, that the Alabama Crimson Tide should “Finish What Katrina Started” when facing their rivals, the Louisiana State University Tigers, in an elimination game later tonight:

Football-obsessed fan-bros beware, however: for some reason the banner was not received very well. AL.com reports that UA students and officials quickly distanced themselves from the message after a photo of the banner was circulated on Twitter. “UA is appalled that anyone would display a banner with such an inappropriate and offensive statement. It’s our understanding that the banner was hung at an off-campus apartment complex and it has been removed,” the school said in a statement.

Hurricane Katrina, the single costliest and fifth-deadliest natural disaster in U.S. history, devastated most of Alabama’s coastal region, and was responsible for two deaths in the state.

Football Fans: ‘Finish What Katrina Started’