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Good Campaign Strategy: London Mayoral Candidate Attaches a Bizarre Fedora Photo to His Tweets

British politician George Galloway, the leader of the U.K.’s left-leaning Respect Party and London mayoral candidate, has always had a weird online presence. His Twitter account is a well-known peculiarity, mostly because of his itchy trigger finger when it comes to blocking people. He name-searches (a thing some people do to find others talking about them without mentioning their @ handle) and blocks people preemptively. If you specifically write to Galloway online and ask to be blocked, he will probably fulfill your request.

Galloway’s latest tactic, for some reason, is to append a picture of himself to all of his tweets. The picture appears to be digitally zoomed-in. I don’t know why.

When U.K. Twitter discovered Galloway’s striking new strategy, photos of the behatted candidate flooded the service.

When it’s Friday night and no one’s texting:

When your crush spots you across the room:

Best of luck to Mr. Galloway on his campaign.

George Galloway’s Bizarre Twitter Strategy