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Dead Deer Run Up a Florida High School’s Flagpole

Photo: Kelseygirll/Twitter

Staff at Brandon High School outside of Tampa, Florida, arrived this morning to find a deer carcass strung up at half-mast on a flagpole outside the school. “We have no idea who did it,” said a Hillsborough County schools spokesperson. “We’re assuming at this point it was some sort of prank.”

The school moved to have the deer taken down, but not before students began arriving for morning classes. “Unfortunately, some students did see it and take pictures,” said the spokesperson.

The Brandon High School mascot is the Eagle, not the Dead Deer.

The sheriff’s office in Brandon will be looking into the caper. The school is equipped with security cameras, but none are pointed directly at the flagpole.   

Florida is considering allowing every state park to become a deer-hunting ground. Last month, the trigger-happy state had to cut short a black-bear hunt when it became a massacre.

Dead Deer Run Up a Florida High-School Flagpole