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Huckabee Sued for Suggesting Kim Davis Has the ‘Eye of the Tiger’

Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis makes remarks after receiving the
Not Rocky Balboa. Photo: James Lawler Duggan/Reuters/Corbis

Back in September, the band Survivor let it be known that they find Kim Davis’s fight against gay people who want to get married far less inspirational than Rocky Balboa overcoming fame and laziness to beat Mr. T. Now Rude Music, which is operated by band member Frank M. Sullivan III, has filed a lawsuit against Mike Huckabee in Illinois federal court for allegedly violating a copyright when he used the song to score Davis’s release from prison. Huckabee should have known better, since four years ago fellow candidate Newt Gingrich was sued for using the song as his entrance music. It looks like we’re destined to rehash this story every few years, not unlike a certain film franchise.

Huckabee Sued for Playing ‘Eye of the Tiger’