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Jeb Bush Is Apparently Emailing With Twitter Weirdos

Jeb Bush
Photo: Steven Senne/AP/Corbis

Yesterday, Jeb Bush told a bunch of kids to email him at A silly publicity stunt, yes, but also a way to make new friends: It appears that he (or someone representing him) is actually responding to voter questions, regardless of how pertinent they are to the campaign.

And he’s really good at it! Certainly much better than he is at debating, or running for the Republican presidential nomination. One Gawker reader managed to get into an email chain with Jeb, who revealed that he prefers turkey jerky on the campaign trail, specifically the original variety. Writer Sam Biddle was also able to get a question to Jeb, revealing that the former Florida governor is not familiar with Pepe, the meme frog.

Twitter user @dogboner also confirmed to Following that he received a response from Jeb: “i accidentally sent it from my work email. i was driving.” Asked to predict who would win the presidency in 2016, Jeb predicted Republican candidate Jeb Bush would be the winner.

Other people are posting about similar experiences. (We have not confirmed that these responses are actually from Jeb.)

One Longhorns fan was able to get Jeb on the record stating that Charlie Strong would be able to reverse the team’s fortunes.

Look at the form: no greeting, no signature, just to-the-point answers that cut through all the formality. Writing a greeting and a sign-off are the most annoying parts of writing email, and Jeb is just like, “No, thank you! Email formality is dead.” Jeb gets it.

I reached out to Jeb, asking whether he preferred the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4. So far, no response.

Jeb Bush Is Emailing With Twitter Weirdos