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You Have to Watch the Unbelievable Dance Moves of ‘Malaysian Drake’

Meet Munis, a Malaysian guy secretly (“secretly”) filmed by his friend and co-worker Haiikal Benot dancing in a parking lot. Munis, surprised, blows up at Haiikal before bursting into a charming smile. “Munis trying to dance like drake [crying emoji] [crying emoji] [crying emoji] [crying emoji] [crying emoji] [crying emoji],” Haiikal tweets.

It is a bravura performance start to finish, Drakeian in its meme-worthiness, and Munis has been rewarded with the greatest kind of international celebrity: the kind where you are Photoshopped into Drake GIFs.

Munis’s fame has largely spread via the actions of the mega-viral Facebook page Unilad. Today, he reached the front page of Imgur. Haiikal takes it in stride: “i dont do munis video for fame,” he tweets. “do you think i give a damn bout fame? Nehh i dont..i do it for the fun of it [grin emoji] for the fans of munis [wink emoji]” Those fans might enjoy the Munies [sic] Facebook Fan Page, which features other videos of their charming hero.

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