New Jersey Man Doesn’t Regret Getting Huge ‘World Champs 2015’ Mets Tattoo

Last Tuesday, shortly before the Kansas City Royals won the first game of the World Series, 22-year-old Josh Davis decided it would be a great idea to get a huge tattoo with his beloved New York Mets’ logo and the words “WORLD-CHAMPS 2015.” A week later, after the Mets turned Davis into walking fan fiction — he joins classics like Mitt Romney Face-Tattoo Guy and “Nationals World Series Champs 2015” Foot-Tattoo Guy — he told NBC New York that he doesn’t regret his decision; he said he is already planning on expanding the tattoo to include the team’s previous wins, and maybe a future one in 2016. Davis also reminded NBC that the simultaneous disappointment and hope for the future he felt was by no means a foreign feeling. He is a Mets fan. “I’m used to it. I know how to bounce back.”


Man Doesn’t Regret ‘World Champs’ Mets Tattoo